The Darkness

Norway in the snowy dark times is very special. You can see the sun moving away from you and there isn’t a damn thing to be done about it. And with the darkness, thoughts come. Time to digest life in the comfort of a warm room, in front of a fire, alone with snugly dogs. 

There are many strange changes in the world happening now. All of them I am excited about, but I see the despair in all those around me. I think it is because we, in general, fear change. The unknown is so scary we often prefer to stay in abusive situations rather than throw it up to the gods and see where the chips fall, just to get the energy moving in a different direction. 

Also there is the tiny little issue that we as western culture people, rarely face our shadow sides. We aren’t taught to. We aren’t encouraged to. If anything we are taught to avoid dark, negative feelings. It leaves all of us at a great disadvantage. Those who can face the darkness have a much greater capacity to survive and thrive because their own negativity and others darkness doesn’t scare them. They can say “Oh that is just his crap. Not mine!” 

I encourage us all to face our darkness. Learn it. Even love it. Our survival depends on it.