True Cost


“When everything is concentrated on making a profit, what we see is that human rights, the environment, worker’s rights are lost.”

There is a cost that comes with our modern life. I have been a very busy artist; digital illustrator and, the last 4 years, as a tattoo artist, but it has come with a cost. It made me sick; Trying to keep up. Trying to get better and better all the time. Trying to compete with people who have a much greater skill level than I could ever attain. Trying to be the best I can be. The operative word here is “try” because I don’t often feel like I have done enough. I am suffering the effects of operating on pure will power for years. Trying to conform to someone else’s idea of what “good enough” is. And trust me when I say, in global business, there is never “good enough”.

In some of the odd jobs I have held over the years, two were in fashion companies as a sample “manager”. I received all the samples for the fashion/accessory companies that I worked for and had to see if they were up to standard, what needed to be changed, or if they were were approved for manufacture. There was a part of me that had a sneaking suspicion that if I rejected samples that someone, somewhere was being punished – if not the actual job itself (manufacturing cheap accessory fashion products) was punishment enough. Everything in our world has a cost.

I saw the movie True Cost. It is a real eye opener. It documents the abject poverty that garmet workers live in in countries all over the world – all in the name of disposable fashion. Our cheap H&M products have a cost. Think about that everytime you go to buy. Think about this when you want to change your “look”.

“The business model is completely unsustainable and unless you change that, you can’t change anything.”

But I think there are ways to change this. I am only starting with me, and doing my part to live my life in a more conscious way. I would like to share it with you.

Click this link to see my video about this. I wish you a beautiful day.