How many of us know where our food comes from. Obviously we can’t all have gardens or live near farmers, but so many outlets are available so we can know them: farmer’s markets, coops, and organic food grocers.

There is a spirit in food that is grown locally, by people you can meet. There is a value to looking someone in the eye who has grown beautiful food and seeing their pride. On a basic level, things just taste better.

When I could eat meat, I went to a BBQ and we had steaks. I tasted some meat that had a flavor I had never before experienced. I asked the host where he got it. He said the Farmer’s Market and told me who it was. I went that weekend to the market to meet her. She told me how they raise their cows; in the garden, with the family. She said they play guitar and sing to them and snuggle with them and she decides when it is time for slaughter. It was a blind taste test and all that love made a huge difference. Same for all food. When we invest love into our food, it always will taste better and be more healthy.

I invite you to seek out your local growers. Support them. Learn from them. Watch my latest vlog here and share if you like it.

Have a great day!