Gimme An Antidote!

May 5, 2012 § 2 Comments

Saw this terrible new today, to add to the list of more terrible news on the planet. Cruelty is rampant. People are losing their f’n minds everywhere. Understandable, and expected. But hang in there everyone.

Rocking some Love Train today for a little antidote to all the crap. Enjoy!

When that is over, enjoy the forest sounds for an hour.

Try not to let the crap get you down!!!!

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§ 2 Responses to Gimme An Antidote!

  • Abandon TV says:

    There is such a temptation for good people to constantly adjust themselves, learn to cope with tyranny and general BS in the world because to assert one’s own values and live freely and ‘out loud’ in your own life (in front of everyone) is always to risk imposing yourself and your values on others…… and thus risk becoming like the tyrants and bullies you object so strongly to in the first place.

    And so, in many ways, the whole New Age movement is devoted to mending the smashed up fragile, sensitive victims of this brutal and barbaric system and teaching them how to adapt to and cope with a violent, heartless hierarchy. In that sense New Age stuff runs the risk of teaching us how to remain meek, helpless and pathetic by helping us to cope and relieve the pressure of being oppressed temporarily.

    Rather than LEAVE our ‘abusive husbands’, we instead learn how to change OURSELVES in order to best adapt to, and cope with, their dominion over our lives. But in the end this only empowers our abusers even more!

    I wonder how many banksters, political rulers and other bullies seek refuge from the effects of good people? How many of them develop coping strategies and listen to healing music to help them recover from a long week spent exposed to a world populated (as it is) by so many billions of kind, compassionate, empathetic souls?

    I wonder if they are even aware we exist, or that we have feelings at all?

    But what if there WAS a way for us to live ‘out loud’ in a free, peaceful world, without having to go hide in a cave (retreat) OR impose anything on anyone else (use force)?

    Perhaps this man has discovered a viable, practical and acceptable antidote to the system….. if you haven’t come across his work before, check it out and see what you think🙂

  • Thanks for the suggestion! Stefan is humorous, truthful and brutal all at the same time. Love it! Just what we need.

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